Archers Artemis

Archers Artemis. Located in Georgetown MA, we are in the process of developing an 11 lane regulation size archery range for recurve, barebow and longbow archers. We will be the only regulation size range exclusively for archery open to the public within a thirty mile radius. Our mission statement: Enriching Mind Body and Spirit through the Art of Archery. We embrace the competitive nature of archery to challenge ourselves while striving for the mindfulness that archery embodies.

When I received the bronze medal for barebow Archery at the USA Archery Indoor Nationals a few years ago, I was struck by how few women were competing in this sport that is suited women. The Goddess Artemis is the Huntress but she is also the protector of young girls, unmarried women and women in childbirth. Archery goes back to the beginning of time and is inherent in much of our folklore where women and girls are equal partners to men and boys. With a bow in hand women stand strong and are empowered to quietly and gracefully assert their right to be. In modern day, the best recurve archers in the world are on the Korean Women‘s Olympic Archery Team.

When I began teaching archery to girls and women it wasn’t long before the call to create the space for personal growth through archery came through loud and clear. In the early 1990’s I wrote my doctoral dissertation on female adolescent development and girls definitions’ of independence. Little did I know that 20 years later I would be creating a space for girls and women to assert their independence? But this goes beyond gender. Archery is an egalitarian sport where the high school football jock and the shy bibliophile can stand side by side on a line and have equal chance of being the champion. And the relationships that can forge in spite of and possibly because of these differences, can bridge the gender gap. We relish the opportunity to foster inclusivity.

My psychology practice has focused primarily on working with people with ADHD, Asperger’s Disorder and trauma and helping them function better in their daily lives which increases confidence and leads to greater mental health. There are countless anecdotal stories of how archery with its emphasis on form development, upper body strength, hand eye coordination and mindfulness can help mitigate symptoms. I have seen the benefits in my own teaching. I look forward to doing research to contribute to the body of literature that supports what many of us intuitively know.

Regardless of age, gender, or ability, please join us at Archers Artemis for our Grand Opening on Saturday May 30th from noon to 3PM and experience the mind body spirit connection.